Senior – Destinie

I love it when I meet someone for the first time and it feels like we’ve been friends for years!  This is how I felt when I met Miss Destinie, a senior at Ashbrook High School, and her mom last weekend!  They were both so friendly, and we chatted and laughed the whole time.  Destinie is planning on attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she will study to become a Trauma Surgeon.  She also runs indoor and outdoor track and has won many medals for placing in numerous state and national championships.  I really enjoyed our time together and getting to know her.  She is a smart, beautiful, strong, well-rounded young woman, and I know she is going to do great things! 

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4 Responses to Senior – Destinie

  1. Michelle Crowder says:

    Beautiful! I am so proud of Destinie and the young lady she has become 🙂

  2. What a beautiful girl! She must be so smart! I love the genuine smiles you captured!

  3. d sykes says:

    It is so hard to pick out my favorite picture. I love all of the pictures!!!!! Kristy thanks a million!!!!!

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