Senior – Olivia

This was my first senior shoot, and although I was nervous at first, I was on cloud nine by the time we finished up!  Olivia is absolutely stunning, and she has the most amazing blue eyes that pop out of every image!  She came prepared with 3 awesome outfits that show off her personality and her guitar because she wanted to incorporate her love of music into some of the shots.   We had so much fun roaming thru the field and around the old buildings while chatting and getting to know each other.  She is incredibly sweet and well-mannered, not to mention very smart – her senior schedule includes all AP and Honors courses!  She is currently visiting colleges trying to decide which one she wants to attend, and she would like to become a Pediatrician.  Thank you so much Olivia for being such an awesome model and one of my Class of 2013 Senior Reps!!

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7 Responses to Senior – Olivia

  1. Michelle Crowder says:

    Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job with Olivia! We had a great time getting to know you. We will definitely tell everyone about you!!!

  2. Kitch Deaton says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Caroline says:

    Olivia, you are absolutely beautiful of course inside and out!! These pictures capture you so well!!

  4. Jackie Wilson says:

    I always knew my granddaughter was beautiful,but you captured her beauty in a special way. Great job.

  5. Wow. These are amazing. Such unique shots and great backgrounds. BUT Olivia made the shots perfect!

  6. Deirdre S. says:

    Olivia is a pretty young lady. I enjoy looking at her senior pictures. My daugther is going to take her senior pictures in October with the same photographer. I can’t wait. I am so excited. Michelle, thanks a million for the coupon. Class of 2013.

    • Michelle Crowder says:

      Destinie’s pics were fabulous! She is such a beautiful young lady. I know you are so proud of her. We are both so blessed!

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